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About Commodore Gamebase

Learning on the Commodore PET The Commodore PET was, for many of us, our first introduction to the personal computer. It represented our first attempt at writing a BASIC program. It was the machine that we stayed after school to play for hours rather than drop quarters in the arcade. The mystery of why there was only a single line of BASIC when you LISTed a program, introduced us to a higher language named 6502 machine language. Some of the earliest games for the Commodore PET were written in machine code, many of which were created by people who never credited themselves.

The PET channeled young people's energy into creating software based on nothing more than an idea in their mind. Many of these beginning programmers went on to become software authors or work in the I.T. field. Following the PET, the Vic-20 also became the introductory computer to learn BASIC and machine language.

The Commodore Gamebase is an effort to compile all of the known PET and VIC-20 games in existence and to provide information on the companies and authors behind them.

If you have a game not listed in our database, please contact us :)

Commodore PET Gamebase credits:
Version 3.0 developed by JonBos and .mad.
Commodore VIC-20 Gamebase:
Version 0.3 developed by Merman
Commodore 128 Gamebase:
Version 1? Developed by Ox

Additional thanks to:
Merman, Mr.NOP, Kevin P Pickell, Martijn, Mike Naberezny, Neo-Rio, Jim Summers.

Thank you to Shayne for hosting the game files.

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